Our Work

We’ll let our customers tell you about what we do.

Janis Trulsson

Janis Trulsson and her husband have over two dozen trees on their property, and she was concerned about potential tree damage due to recent intense storms. Janis called Tony and Acampo Tree Service came in with a complete maintenance plan that protected her property and the health of her trees at a great price.

Ross and Mara Johnson

Mara and Ross Johnson have relied on Acampo Tree Service for decades to maintain the many trees around their home. Fortunately, Tony and his team was there for them when disaster struck and one of their giant trees crashed into the Johnson’s home in the middle of the night. With their professional team and state of the art equipment, Acampo Tree Service removed the tree and helped make the Johnson’s home safe again.

Ryan Higuera

Ryan needed a plan to deal with the 12 Redwood trees in his backyard. He didn’t want to remove them, but to find a way to maintain them- while protecting his pool and home. Ryan worked with Tony and Acampo Tree Service developed a complete maintenance program to help his trees thrive.

Wendy Conte

During one of the worst storms in 40 years, Wendy Conte came home at night to find that she no longer had a garage – a massive tree had crushed it. Once on the job, the team at Acampo Tree Service were able to get the tree removed and cleaned up within a matter of hours.